Reconstruction and Expansion of Single-Family Housing in Ruin


Housing and Tourist Rental


Ermal | Vieira do Minho, Portugal




Preliminary Study

Based on the genetics of the place, this project consists of rebuilding a ruin and transforming it into a space suitable for current domestic use without interfering with the peace of the surrounding rural area. Located on one of the banks of the Ermal Dam, Viera do Minho, the surrounding image is marked by small buildings scattered on the slopes of the two banks of the river. The environment is so rural that neighboring caretakers' cows travel on the same road as the cars. The surrounding landscape is characterized by tall, dense trees and the houses that guide this idyllic scenario have a traditional architectural language, with the construction of pitch roofs using traditional red tile. In the background, we can observe the calm and serene river winding through this very peculiar landscape. The ruin has a tiny footprint – about 55 sqm – so the schema takes place on two levels for a total use of the interior space. On floor 0, we find the living room with a kitchen, a sanitary installation, and a bedroom. On floor -1, there is another bedroom and a small independent storage area to support the house. The proposed intervention consists of maintaining the house's original architecture by keeping its original design and respecting the local architectural essence and is suggested to use original construction methods. The materials being used are the ones used in traditional local architecture, such as stone blocks on the exterior walls and the reconstruction of the pitched roof where the colored clay tiles rose rest on a wooden structure visible from the inside. Given that the surrounding landscape is breathtaking, the project absolutely required the construction of an outdoor swimming pool facing the river, which embraces the fantastic view that takes our breath away. This project aims to rehabilitate the existing construction into a building that ages with the landscape and integrates with Minho rural environment.