Reconstruction of a building attached to the main dwelling




Penafiel, Portugal




Preliminary Study

The motto for this project was to reinvent the space and reinterpret the existing construction. The old house attached to the primary residence is located in Penafiel, specifically in the parish of Boelhe, on one of the banks of the river Tâmega, inserted environment with rural roots with low population density area between agricultural and forestry lands. The existing building, quite degraded, once served as a storage space where the former owner kept some gardening support material and served as storage space. The current building construction, consists of a double gable roof in tile over a wooden structure, has no connection with the construction of the exterior walls built-in cement blocks without any finishing. This project proposal goal is to reinterpret the surrounding rural environment by inserting a new contemporary architecture design close to the design of nearby neighboring buildings. We reinterpret the double gable roof by taking advantage of the two already existing volumes, highlighting the different volumes, and using the same material throughout the exterior coating. The building has only one floor, and the interior plan is straightforward and practical: a bedroom, a sanitary installation, and an area dedicated to the living room and kitchen facing the interior of the property. With a simple and elegant outline and reinterpreting the traditional local architecture, the project aims to respect its surroundings' design while still offering its simple contemporary architectural personality.