New Construction




Braga, Portugal




Preliminary Study

The project consists of the elaboration of a home for a young couple. The location is characterized by the steep slope and a fantastic view of Sameiro in Braga city. The project's main purpose is to create a building where scenic contemplation of the landscape will be remarkable for the observer and those who live there. The house has three levels (Basement + Ground Floor + Floor 1), and the volumetric design is designed according to its different uses. We chose to use two offset parallelepipeds in which the one at the ground level is distinguished by being the floor dedicated to the social area, where the family entertains and receives guests and the other volume (Floor 1) to the family's private space. The basement floor is intended for the technical area and a gym that opens to the outside through an amazing half-walled window to the outdoor pool. The material chosen as the primary coating for the entire house meets the desire to perpetuate the time in the new construction. By using exposed concrete with natural wood formwork, on the walls and ceilings of the façade, a light/dark effect is visually guaranteed in the texture, producing an exciting movement of shadows at different times of the day and preserving a dramatic image to the scenography of the surrounding landscape. It is a project that immortalizes a timeless historical scenography image in space.