Interior remodeling of commercial space




Braga, Portugal







The restaurant is located in Braga city, in a premium location only a few steps away from the city's Cathedral. The objective of this project was to recreate the identity of the "Dona Petisca" restaurant in this new space. The intervention area had previously been used as a bar, so the new owners wanted to transform the dark and heavy image into a new brand image that characterizes the concept of "Dona Petisca" where customers can feel at home, in a calm and welcoming environment. The space with an approximate area of 75sq meters is characterized by being quite long and narrow, so it was essential to leverage all the available spaces to have a bigger number of seated seats. To make this work, we had to relocate the sanitary installation and the location of the kitchen to occupy the minimum space necessary for daily work and operations. The choice of furniture influenced the way the restaurant is experienced and perceived by the customer. To feel more familiar, we used materials such as handmade white brick, hydraulic ceramic, and wood. The handmade brick covers almost all the walls, thus giving an image of a rustic and homely environment. With the use of the white color, the environment becomes more contemporary, elegant, serene, peaceful, and welcoming, all the emotions that a restaurant should give to the client. The use of hydraulic ceramic on the floor and on some walls comes from the image of "Dona Petisca" original restaurant owned by the same owners across the street. The use of wood in counters and furniture brings a piece of Nature to the space, giving the site a semi-rustic, more natural, and familiar feeling, with wood being the material that returns us to Nature, contrasting with the frenetic pace of the city. "Dona Petisca"'s project returns to Braga city an atmosphere of union and passion for what it is like to eat in a modern tavern, at the same table with friends or family, not only for its excellent gastronomic menu but also for its architecture and interior design.