Our Working Process

1 – Customer meeting/briefing

Meeting between the parties to understand what the customer's expectations and needs are.
At this stage, it is convenient to provide all essential data for the beginning of the project, such as the photographic and topographic survey of the site.
Note: if the meeting is in person, it may be at the location of the intervention in question and there may be fees depending on the location in question.

2 – Preliminary study

This will be the first analytical approach to the program defined in the Customer Briefing.
At this stage, it is elaborated a construction volume proposal, a program spatial organization study and start choosing the materials, textures and colors that will be used in the final project. Sometimes the creation of 3D images helps the client to understand the general concept of the proposal better.

3 – Final project

The final version of the project is presented according to the client's needs and expectations and always using the feedback from the meeting held when the preliminary study was presented.
Preparation of all written parts and technical drawings of the project for approval.
Note: if the project lacks a municipal administrative procedure, this work is what will be presented to the services.

4 – Execution Project

Preparation of a complete file with all the technical detailed drawings of the architectural project. The objective is to obtain a reliable quantity map to draw up an adequate budget for executing all the works foreseen for the project.
This phase may include the coordination of the various engineering specialties with the architecture project. This work should also be planned to avoid constraints on site.

5 – Management and monitoring of the project execution work

Visits to the site aim to ensure that the work is following the final project and the client's expectations. Managing the various specialties of the work on-site is essential to ensure that what was defined in the project and in the budget is carried out correctly.