ANALUPE ARQUITECTURA® is a Portuguese national office, founded by the architect Ana Peixoto. Ana Peixoto. The atelier is dedicated to carrying out Architecture and Interior Design projects, always searching for a multidisciplinary creative approach that goes from creating a comprehensive basic concept to the drawing of the project's detail.
Aimed at the design and development of residential projects as well as commercial and service environments. All projects are designed and supported by a personalized vision suited to the needs of its customers. This way, it is guaranteed that all works are exclusive, differentiated, and unique.
Its architectural language is based on a minimalist concept where the individual is the key part of the entire creative process, always valuing the local context and respecting each project's technical and economic challenges.
"Because we believe that spaces influence people's lives, we use some premises of minimalist architecture to create spaces in which people's feelings are controlled, with the primary focus being to make a positive and harmonious impact on each person's life. We believe that an architecture whose main objective is the well-being of each individual is halfway to successful architecture."